Silver Morning: August-9-2017 -- about to break out?

We were around when the Cuba Missile Crisis brought the world to the brink of World War 3. Today this is one country, North Korea, against the U.S. to begin with. But in 1952 when the Korean War raged it became China plus North Korea that took on the Allies. We see a potential restart to the war again [which never officially ended] and a major deterioration of U.S. - China relations if it does. China will not accept the elimination of North Korea! At the moment the markets are not discounting this likelihood. We may see China and Japan do so soon. In South Korea the atmosphere is moving towards fear quickly. Gold will benefit if war does break out as the war hurts financial markets the whole world over.

Wednesday, August 9th

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First published here: Silver Morning: August-9-2017 -- about to break out?

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